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Islamic Hair Dream Interpretation


Hair Dream interpretation

• If some one sees his/her hair are being cut in a dream it means he/she Will triumph over enemies and become strong.
• A woman sees her hair cut she Will be abandoned by her husband or die.
• A woman dreaming that her husband has shaved her head or shortened her hair at the Kabah (the Muslims holiest shrine, in Mecca (Makkah)): She will settle her debts, and her wishes will be fulfilled. If her husband had done so elsewhere than in Mecca (Makkah), he will hold her captive in her house, as if he had cut the wings of a bird. It could also mean that he would slander her.
To dream that you OR someone else is cutting your hair, it symbolizes that

you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to supress you.

This dream can also mean that you are reshaping your thinking to eliminate negative attitudes or habits.

If you are cutting someone else’s hair in your dream, you are being too pushy about forcing your opinions on other people.

1. Loss of strength, sense of power.

2. Financial gains.

3. Fear of losing sexuality

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