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What is the meaning of dreaming about money in Islam


As in real life, money represents the financial position of a person. In this way, dreaming about money also represents the prosperity, credence, and conviction of the dreamer. If last night you were dreaming of money, then it is a positive thing for a person. Because money in a dream is just not about finance but it is also about matters related to the personality of the dreamer. It shows your stance on the matter of love and heart. Money also represents the power and authority of a person. More money in a dream indicates that more you have power in the real world.

What is the meaning of dreaming about money in IslamDreaming about money being given to you

As money is power in real life and it is enough worthy to be useful in near every way of life. Similarly, in the same way, money in a dream indicates the potential to carry out desired objectives. Dreaming about money when money is being given to you, means that you are being given a useful piece of advice or suggestions, that could be profitable or useful in some specific way. It may also mean that you are being helped by someone financially.

Giving money in dream

Giving money to some needy person is an act of generosity. If the dreamer is giving a sum of money to any needy person, then it means that dreamer should spend some amount on needy persons. Dreaming about money given to state authorities then dreamer is in need to pay all taxes.  If a dreamer is providing someone with the bulk amount of money, then it means that dreamer spends a lot on useless things.

Dreaming about money notes

Dreaming about money in which money is in form of bank notes, means that dreamer is going to enjoy success in a financial matter of life. Dreaming about money notes indicates a positive effect on dreamer’s life. Money notes being taken from someone is admiration to the dreamer.

Dreaming about money coins

Usually, gold and silver coins are a good sign of fortune for the dreamer. But money coins is not a  good indicator for the dreamer. Dreaming about money in coins form predicts that dreamer will have tough financial conditions.

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